When it comes to gardening and landscaping, the situation is no different to any other area or room in your home. What we mean by that is that when it comes to design, there are definitely new and interesting trends that take centre stage every year! If you are in the process of a big landscape project, then you want to make sure that whatever you choose is going to be seen as being on trend for this year and the years to come. Here at MI Organics, we’ve got your covered! Here are some of the biggest garden trends that have been identified for 2020!

Grow Your Own

    More and more garden renovations and creating spaces for homeowners to grow their own produce. With an increasing eye on the state of the environment and carbon footprints, growing your own vegetables is a wonderful hobby to take up.

    Climate Change Gardens

      With climate change an undisputed presence in the world and for the years to come, lots of gardens are being created with an eye on what the climate is going to become. The additions of extreme weather plants on both ends of the temperature spectrum is becoming more and more popular, along with systems that can store excess water to use in times of drought.

      Crazy Paving

        People are getting more and more creative with their paving choices in 2020. Rather than a straight line to the end of the garden, designs are encapsulating a lot more fun than before, both in the routes and in the materials and shapes chosen.

        Garden Zoning

          If you have the space, the trend in 2020 is putting more focus into ‘garden zoning’. People are segmenting their outdoor spaces in the same way they segment their indoor spaces: an eating zone, a play zone, flower bed zone etc. It helps to bring some sun regimentation to the design.

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