When you are landscaping your garden in Coffs Harbour, you need to make sure that you find the perfect plants for your garden.

You might have an idea of the type of plants that you want in order to make your landscaped area look amazing, and we have top recommendations on the type of plants that you can buy from your Coffs Harbour landscape centre.

Mi Organics are here to show you what you should be looking out for from your plants.

Looking for long-lasting plants

The weather in Coffs Harbour is considered to be subtropical. This means that the climate tends to offer a warm and humid summer, with very mild and dry winters.

In fact, the area is well known for a number of banana plantations, and the fantastic botanical garden. In order to get the best from your landscaping, you want plants that are hardy enough to withstand this type of weather.

Establishing protection

If you have a large area to landscape, then Mi Organics recommend that you choose trees to provide a wind break for your new plants.

Both fruit trees and fences offer what is known as a shelter belt, designed to protect Coffs Harbour gardens and landscapes from hot summer winds and cold winter storms.

Providing bee-friendly plants

If you are looking for a number of flowers for your garden, then we would recommend choosing plants that can provide pollen for native bees.

A mixture of eucalyptus, bottle brushes and tea trees, as well as clover and groundcover flowers, ficofolia, pincushion Hakea and climbers such as Purple Coral Peas.

Solitary bees can also require mature trees, and also artificial nesting sites, although you will need to bear in mind the risk of exposing your garden to wood eating pests such as termites.

Mi Organics can help you to choose the best option for your garden.

Let us help you

To get the right mix of plants for your yard, you should contact Mi Organics, the best Coffs Harbour landscape centre for a choice of trees and flowering plants.

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