Are there landscape supplies in Grafton that can help you drought proof your garden? We here at MI Organics have been working for years to find better and more efficient ways to drought-proof your garden. Here are the pieces of equipment and supplies we feel would help. 

The Right Soil

If your soil has too little clay and organic matter, then it will dry up really quickly. Think about how quickly sand dries. On the other hand, your garden will crack and become nasty if there is too much clay and organic matter. A healthy mix of both is required so that your lawn doesn't die right away when the weather changes. 

Areas of Sand

Around your trees and such, you can put layers of sand. Very little will grow through, especially if you keep weeding it diligently. As time goes by, the water from the rain sinks into the soil under the sand. The sun has a harder time taking the water because it sinks through so quickly. 

Mulch and Compost

One way to retain water is to have mulch. This acts like sand in that it also reduces the amount of growth over the top, and it also absorbs water. If you would like to improve your soil, and do not want to use sand or mulch because you intend to grow things on top, then getting the soil right is important, and mixing in compost can help get the soil right. Mixing in compost allows the soil to hold water and grow things, while helping to stop the ground from cracking when it gets really dry. 


You can surround your plants with aggregate. This is not as good as sand or mulch when it comes to water retention, but it also slows the growth of weeds and it will not rot the stems of weaker plants when you plant things in it. Put aggregate around your stand-alone plants, and the ground underneath will hold its water a little longer. 

Conclusion - There Are Always Limits

Before you go shopping for landscape supplies in Grafton, let us remind you that there are times when very little can be done about the drought. There are times when you can lower the amount of damage that is done, but sometimes you have to know your limits. If you are looking to lower the amount of potential damage by droughts, then get in touch with us at MI Organics.