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Are you looking for high-quality soil for your next landscaping or construction project? Our Coffs Harbour landscape centre stocks 4 different types of soil for a range of different projects. Whether you need a small amount for a backyard garden or large quantities for commercial use, we’ve got you sorted. We offer wholesales with deliveries to the site.


What We Stock.

No garden can grow without the right soil. MI Organics stocks a huge range of ground and garden mix that will help promote healthy plant growth and guarantee the future sustainability of your garden.

General Purpose Soil

General purpose ground is the perfect multipurpose blend of garden soil mix that acts as a fantastic base organic compost. Suitable for a wide variety of applications including underlay for turfing and as a medium for garden beds, it’s available in a fine-grade mixture for easy application and dispersal.

Native Soil Mix

Native ground mix offers a unique blend of soil and sand that creates an ideal ground condition for many native Australian plants that are sensitive to phosphorus. It’s safe for established and new plants including bottlebrush and grevillea, and the combination of nutrients is perfect for all types of native plants in the garden.

Potting Mix

Potting mix is an excellent all-around medium for most plants. Designed to provide optimal draining and excellent nutrient uptake, it’s suitable for a wide variety of containers and can be used indoors or outdoors. Suitable for plants, vegetables and fruit, use it alongside a balanced fertiliser to stimulate strong growth.

Turf Underlay

Turf underlay is an affordable and effective base when laying new turf. It’s made with a blend of screen sand and premium compost to help with drainage and provide a good medium for lawns to grow. It’s perfect for laying new turf.

Supersoil Mix

Supersoil mix is the perfect medium to boost plant growth and nutrition. Bringing together soil and compost, this is an ideal mix for all types of vegetable and garden beds. The powerful nutrient profile found in the supersoil mix makes it an excellent choice for gardens that require additional nourishment.

Top Dressing Mix

Top dressing mix is a fine-grade medium that’s perfect for top-dressing lawns. It’s a mixture of river sand and premium compost, so it offers a balanced nutrient profile for lawns. It’s designed to improve surface drainage while also helping to strengthen lawns to ensure they grow optimally.

Do I need soil in my garden?

Shopping for ground is important for gardening because it provides the foundation for healthy plant growth. Here’s why:

Nutrient Source

Ground contains main nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that plants need to grow. Different types of ground offer varying nutrient levels, so selecting the right one makes sure your plants get the nutrients they require.

Plant Support

Earth provides physical support for plant roots, allowing them to anchor securely and access water and nutrients from the ground.

Water Regulation

Ground helps regulate water absorption and drainage, preventing waterlogging or drought stress in plants.

Ground Health

Choosing high-quality earth mix promotes ground health by supporting beneficial microorganisms that break down organic matter and improve ground structure.

Plant Growth

Quality ground promotes strong and healthy plant growth, leading to vibrant foliage, abundant flowers, and bountiful harvests in vegetable gardens.

By shopping for ground that matches to your gardening project, you guarantee best conditions for plant growth and overall garden success.

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