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Are you looking for high-quality sand for your next project? We’re the most trusted sand supplier in Coffs Harbour and offer 5 different sand types to suit your needs, including the sought-after white sand. Whether you’re building a playground, constructing a new home, or landscaping your garden, we have the perfect sand for the job. Our friendly and experienced team is always happy to answer your questions and provide a free quote. Visit us in Coffs Harbour.


What We Stock

Sand is one of the most versatile landscaping products there is. Perfect for concreting, paving, rendering, potting mix or using in children’s sandpits, our sand range covers almost every project you could think of.

We also offer a range of specialist sand materials and supplies for the landscaping and building trades, tiling, concreting and construction work. If you’re looking for gravel and other aggregate, we stock over 30 types. Or if you’re after compost for your gardening project, we’ve got a wide range of products, such as the popular mushroom compost.

Fill Sand

15mm minus sand that has been extracted from the ocean floor washed and stockpiled. The sand has then been put through a 15mm minus trommel screen to remove any oversized foreign bodies making it a perfect, cheaper option to fill/ build up the ground level to ensure adequate water runoff prior to construction works etc.

1.2-3mm Coarse River Sand

Coarse river sand is an excellent medium to use as a base for pavers or for use in the garden as a top dressing for the lawn. It’s also a fantastic soil for succulent plants and cacti. It’s less likely to attract pests like insects or fungal growth.

Yellow Brick Sand

Yellow brick sand is multipurpose sand that’s most commonly used in construction. Using a mixed blend, this type of sand is ideal for bricklaying, pointing and rendering. The application will leave a smooth finish for mortar work and it’s affordable, making it perfect for construction purposes.

White Sand

White brick sand is a fine-grade white sand that’s used in construction and mortar, particularly for bricklaying. It’s also suitable for use under pool liners if you have an above-ground pool. High-quality and all-natural, this is an ideal medium for most types of brickwork.

Beach Sand

Our beach sand is washed sand that is screened to 3mm minus. Perfect for bricklayers, tilers, concreters, base material for paving and even to top up the kid’s sandpit.

River Sand

A medium-graded washed river sand, ideal for tiling, rendering, concreting, paving and alternative to top dressing for your lawn.


Ballina White Sand

Ballina white is a pure white, extremely fine sand best suited for rendering surfaces and all final dressing of artificial turf, golf, and bowling greens.


How to choose sand?

We stock a variety of sands suitable for different purposes:

Fill Sand. Extracted from the ocean floor, perfect for filling or building up ground levels before construction.
Coarse River Sand (1.2-3mm). Great for paver bases, top dressing for lawns, and soil for succulents and cacti.
Yellow Brick Sand. Multipurpose sand ideal for bricklaying, pointing, and rendering, leaving a smooth finish.
White Brick Sand. Fine-grade sand perfect for bricklaying and mortar work, also suitable for pool liners.
Beach Sand. Washed and screened sand suitable for various construction purposes and sandpits.
River Sand. Medium-graded sand ideal for tiling, rendering, concreting, paving, and lawn top dressing.
Ballina White Sand. Pure white and extremely fine sand, best for rendering surfaces and dressing artificial turf, golf, and bowling greens.

What is white sand?

White sand is a type of sand that is, you guessed it, white in color! It’s made up of tiny grains of quartz or limestone that have been eroded over time by water and wind. White sand is often found in coastal areas with coral reefs, where it’s created from the breakdown of coral and other marine organisms. It’s prized for its pristine appearance and is commonly used in beach resorts, tropical landscapes, and decorative applications like sandboxes and aquariums. White sand is also known for its soft texture and cool temperature, making it a popular choice for relaxing on sunny beaches.

white sand from home garden, playground

How can I use white sand at home?

White sand can be used in various ways to improve your home’s aesthetics and functionality:


Use white sand as a decorative element in your garden or backyard. Create Zen gardens, rock gardens (get some gravel from us), or coastal-inspired landscapes by incorporating white sand around plants, rocks, or water features.


Design beautiful pathways or walkways in your garden using white sand. It adds a serene and elegant touch while providing a soft surface to walk on.

Play areas

Fill a sandbox or play area with white sand for kids to enjoy. Its bright colour and fine texture make it perfect for building sandcastles and engaging in imaginative play.

Indoor decor

Bring a touch of the beach indoors by using white sand in decorative arrangements. Fill glass vases, bowls, or jars with white sand and seashells to create stunning centerpieces or accents for shelves and tables.


Create miniature landscapes in glass containers or terrariums using white sand as a base. Add succulents, air plants, or small decorative objects to design unique indoor gardens.

Candle holders

Use white sand as a base for candle holders or votives. It provides stability for candles while adding a coastal or rustic charm to your home decor.

Overall, white sand adds a sense of tranquility, sophistication, and natural beauty to various areas of your home, both indoors and outdoors.

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