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Why you should choose MI Organics for your landscaping supplies

MI Organics is a family-owned and operated landscape and building supplier located on the NSW mid-north coast, providing landscaping supplies to local families and businesses for over 30 years.

Our Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Townsend, Woolgoolga and Nambucca retail landscape yards provide a wide range of affordable landscaping supplies and services. From the point of purchase to delivery of the product, we provide friendly, prompt and reliable service from knowledgeable, experienced and valued staff.

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We offer advice on all aspects of our landscaping supplies, including the right soils and mulches for your garden, the best decorative rock, pebble, gravel and sand options for your landscaping, and large volume products, such as:

  • Natural fertilisers
  • Soil conditioners
  • Cow and poultry manure
  • Manufactured sands
  • Certified playground soft-fall materials
  • Certified composts
  • White ant resistant cypress mulches and chip
  • Coloured woodchip
  • Aggregates and more

Serving a Diverse Range of Customers for Over 30 Years

Our customer base includes long-standing account commercial customers who purchase our products for resale, farmers, local councils, landscapers, plumbers, tilers, bricklayers, earth moving and building companies, equestrian studs, home builders and weekend backyard warriors, purchasing from bag to bulk quantities.

As well as supplying products, our vegetation removal and processing division reuses or recycles green waste, sustainable timber residues, potting media and Biomass fuels, rebuilding the earth organically.

Our Equipment and Delivery Services

We operate a fleet of modern/up-to-date Semi-Trailer, B-Double, Walking Floor, Truck & Dog Tipper, Hook Bin combinations, Rigid and 4 Axle Deck Widener Float (12m long deck) including product screening trommel, deck screens and low loaders. We can access sites with restricted access, such as battleaxe blocks and unit complexes. We also provide the option of supplying and delivering any of the stocked landscape supplies in single-use bulk-a bags for sites with limited or restricted access, high-rise buildings or existing developments, speak to our friendly staff today to arrange collection or delivery can be coordinated in conjunction with any on-site crane of your choice.

From loading your box trailer at any of our sites or arranging delivery straight to your doorstep in one of our well-maintained town delivery trucks capable of split loads and up to 4m3 of any of our sands, soils, gravels/ up to 10m3 barks, mulches, sawdust / T&D and or B-Double combinations. MIO can promptly service all your needs for all your building and Landscape supplies.

Contact us for advice and pricing on any of our landscaping supplies or services. 

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