Firewood Coffs Harbour


Local Firewood Deliveries For Coffs Harbour & the North Coast

We specialise in quality firewood supplies that are available for pick-up or local deliveries.

It is sold:
  • in bulk
  • by the Ute
  • by trailer load

Choose from Mixed Firewood to warm those cold winter nights. Mixed Firewood is denser, so it burns longer at higher temperatures meaning less smoke and ash.

Our Mixed Firewood contains such species as Ironbark, Yellowbox and Red Gum.

MI Organics currently has four retail outlets operating at:
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Woolgoolga
  • Grafton
  • Towsend
The head office is located at Coffs Harbour.

Quality Firewood on the Coffs Coast


All four retail outlets carry a full range of garden, landscape and building products such as organic soils, mulches, composts, sands, manures and an extensive range of decorative pebbles which are updated regularly.

Our firewood has been stacked and dried to ensure of a quality dry smoke free product.

Give us a call or come in for a visit and look through our huge range of landscape supplies at either of our four outlets.